Personal data
What is your name: Juan but ingame is sixteen
How old are you: 21
Where are you from: Phoenix, Arizona
Tell us a little something about yourself: I was raised in Mexico but born in Phoenix, AZ. I play a lot of video games and soccer. I'm soon to be a dad and due date is on October 3. I mostly play PUBG right now but I'm a CS:GO player as well.
Who referred you: It was a couple people I met on PUBG but all the only member I remember is Caige.

Concerning the game
What is your Origin ID: H3CTiiCl
How long have you been playing: Since I was 5
How active are you: 10+ hours a day. Sometimes maybe a little less.

Concerning our community
Why do you want to be apart of Deranged Gamers: I'm tired of being a lone wolf. Just want to join to have people to talk to.
Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to join our Teamspeak server: I do and I already am.
Do you have previous clan experience: Yes, I was in VerSa Respawn for like 6 years.